Students Should Pay Attention to These Exam Rules:

1.       Students are responsible for noting correctly the times and places of their examinations.  Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.
2.       Students are responsible for bringing their University ID cards to each examination for display on their desk. 
3.       All personal belongings  such as, bags, files etc., which are brought into the examination room, must be left with the Invigilators who will return them at the end of the examination. 
4.       No electronic equipments such as digital dictionaries and cell phones may be used during the examination.
5.       No books, writing paper, notes or any other material may be taken into the examination room, except where prescribed within specific examination arrangements as previously notified. 
6.       Proctors do not have to answer any questions related to the exam
7.       No answer sheet which has our University logo may be taken out of the examination room
8.       Proctors may check desks during exam to see if any writing is present. Students should make sure that there is no writing on their desks.
9.       Students, who communicate and share information during the exam may face academic penalty and will also be liable to severe disciplinary action. 
10.   Proctors may arrange seating when necessary and when she/he notices a violation of exam rules he/she does not have to warn the student. In these cases, the situation may be reported after the exam