In the context of the sociologic needs of Turkey, the possible working areas of the graduates can be listed as follows:

  • The companies in media and business life (human resources departments, the departments that make market investigation, investigative journalism, advertising and marketing, etc.)
  • Organizations that deal with public opinion polls
  • The governmental institutions specialized in social cases (aimed at children, youth, adults and elders)
  • Public institutions focused on crime, family, and population problems (Departments of Correction, Children's Education Improvement Oversight Branch, Turkish Statistical Institute, etc.)
  • State Planning Organization
  • Chambers of  Trade and Industry
  • Local Authorities
  • Hospital Directorates and Hospital Managements
  • Foundations, NGO and organizations that work on voluntary basis

The graduates who want to work in academic world can pursue their academic career in Master and Doctorate Programs that will be offered in following years.