The Department of Sociology aims to equip students with critical and analytical thinking skills, and research proficiencies. Our department also aims to help students acquire social responsibility and develop ethical values.

The compulsory courses of our program that focus on the main sociological concepts, perspectives, and social research methods are accompanied by a wide range of departmental and non-departmental elective courses. Departmental electives include courses in the fields of political sociology, rural sociology, urban sociology, cultural sociology, and environmental sociology. The non-departmental ones, which help students develop an interdisciplinary perspective, include diverse courses on politics, economics, business, and communication.

Our students gain the main sociological skills not only through the courses, but also through participating in research projects. The department encourages active participation of the students to the researches and research projects conducted by the faculty. Students also gain sociological experience both by conducting their own research projects and by carrying out the compulsory summer internship at different institutions and companies.

The career opportunities for our graduates are wide and diverse. They will have the expertise to work in business, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academia. Specifically, sociology graduates can find positions at a variety of private firms specializing in communication, advertising and public relations, human resources, marketing, and research and development. The governmental agencies that offer employment opportunities for the sociology graduates include, among others, Turkish Statistical Agency, Institution of Social Work and Child Protection Agency, The Ministry of Family and Social Policies, The Ministry of Justice, The Ministry of Agriculture, Youth Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centres, Municipalities, and Development Agencies.

Prof. Dr. Hayriye Özen

Department Chair